Independents Bridging the Divide in Maine

Maine is watching a growing number of independents enter the race for the Maine Legislature in November of 2018. Among them 3 incumbents, 12 new comers to the independent movement – four of which are women. Kent Ackley, who will be seeking re-election to his house seat representing Monmouth said: 

“We have a case of disruptive politics happening in Maine. People who are running recognize that anyone can participate in politics and you don’t have to be a member of one of the parties to be successful. The refrain we hear from the partisans is that they will say it’s impossible to win if you are not part of the party but more independents than ever are participating and are expected to win. We are witnessing radical disruption of the political process on the ground in Maine.”

More independents are expected to enter legislative races before the June 1st deadline to submit petition signatures.

Meanwhile, Independent Marty Grohman is working with Maine Republican Governor Paul LePage to provide debt relief for students and working towards retaining young people in Maine. The bill would propose a $50 million-dollar bond which would offer zero percent student loans and is it contingent upon living and working in Maine.

Grohman said, “I look forward to working with my colleagues in a bipartisan manner to implement this bold plan as soon as possible. Student loan debt is not an issue that is owned by the Democrats or the Republicans but an issue that needs to be solved. That’s what Maine people expect out of its legislature.” The legislative session is winding down with a statutory adjournment date of April 18, 2018.